Royalty Free Stock Auto Clipart by LaffToon

  1. Happy and Smiling Man and Woman Catching Air in Their Convertible Antique Car, Pieces of It Falling off
  2. Pleasant Auto Mechanic Repairman Smiling While Shining a Classic Red Convertible Car for a Lady
  3. Smiling Friendly Pizza Delivery Boy Driving a Yellow Car and Holding a Steamy Pizza Box
  4. White Man Peeling out in a 1978 Trans Am Convertible with His Lady Standing up on the Seat
  5. Mad White Male Driver in a Sick Broken down Car
  6. Suave Car Salesman Giving a Customer the Keys to an Orange Classic Convertible Car
  7. Team of Friendly Mechanics Finishing up Work on a Yellow Classic Convertible Car Owned by a Couple